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As we host numerous events at our arena throughout the year, we would like to be able to help promote the businesses that are helping us!  By being a sponsor of Benton City Jr Fair and Rodeo, you will be able to help us maintain and improve the arena and fair grounds as well as providing events and opportunities for the youth and families of our community! 

2020 Sponsors
Aces Wild Rodeo School
Basin Feed & Supply
Benton City Tire Center
Brooks Ranch
Dan Adamson - KBSD
Lowe's of Pasco
Ma Belloni's Kitchen
Peale Ranch
Peak Power LLC
Progression Design Plumbing 
Sean Walton
Stansfield Cattle Co. LLC
Sunshine Portable Toilets
Wookie Leash Survival Gear

... and to our many Volunteers. Thank you!
PO Box 5014, Benton City, WA 99320 | bcjfra18@gmail.com